Final Hwk

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Studying Mill’s Utilitarianism was my favorite part of the semester. Mill gave a very clear and useful judge to what is moral and immoral. Even though there were some flaws in his explanations his theory gives a feasible  way to pursue a moral life.


Hwk 12/9

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If murder was committed by a virtuous person and was virtuous in nature Aristotle would not think it was bad. Aristotle was concerned more about the character of an individual than the persons individual actions. Murder is an extreme act so it would be very rare circumstances would this would be considered virtuous.

Hwk 11/25

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They is a a transition between being born and being a full party to the social contract. When you are born you taught about the contract by your parents and learn to be apart of the contract to promote peace. When you are younger parents are more responsible for their children then the children are for themselves. As a child grows the burden for responsibility  their action transfer from the parent to the child.

Homework for 11/20

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According to Hobbes a governments is created to uphold the social contract between its citizens. The people give up rights that are in conflict to the contract, to protect themselves from other citizens. Hobbes argues that the government, and the people within it, are  beyond the bounds of morality and must protect the contract between citizens by any means. I do not believe this is functional in a modern democratic society, although the government does need the ability to break the contract to protect its citizens, the individual members of government are still citizen and must abide to the contract.

Homework for 11/18

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I believe that Hobbes’ theory is correct and that if the was no social order that it would be a constaint, every man for himself war. The nature of every living thing on the planet is survival of the fittest and that would lead to the natural fittest controlling nature’s resources. Social order has protected us from this war by having humans work together for protection and accumlation of reasource. Even though we have social order, war still does exist between opposing social and cultural groups proving our nature is still with us, but not all out every man for themselves.

Homework for 11/13

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I believe that although Kant’s arguement is credible, Mill’s theory is much more conceiveable. Mill gives a definate value to the basis of morality, happiness,  it can still be use on a daily basis to solve many problems.  Kant’s theory is hard to conceive on  daily basis.

Homework for 11/11

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Kant aruges that “rational nature is distinguished from the rest of nature by this that it sets before itself an end.” This pertains to self-interest because life must be preceived as an end not a mean. A suffering person may continplate suicide but rationally suicide can not be commited because then person become a mean to be content till the end of life.